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Fish ways

Module built fish way in composite


Fish ladders of today are generally made as pool ladders. As a response to the need of slow-swimming species to also be able to swim up- and down streams, the market has begun to use vertical-slot fish ways. The aim is to construct those with smaller inclination to reduce water speed.

Picture: Prototype fish way

Our idea is to offer our customers a well-functioning vertical slot fish way in composite that is consistent with the new requirements in combination with a cost-efficient fish way compared to existing fish ways. With our new method we offer a new way to build fish ways; by building the parts of fibreglass-reinforced composite in an industrial environment, made from few standard modules.

Our method produces a light and strong fish way as the sections are cantilevered and can be mounted on a small number of foundations. The fish way can be built on small surfaces and with small incline, like a switchback. It is also possible to colour the fish ways as to make it blend into the surrounding environment.


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